Our yard is soggy. Our driveway ends with a moat! You literally have to jump across the water to get out onto the road. This morning as Olivia left for school, my friend who picks her up had to pull up sideways so that Olivia wouldn’t have to go to school with wet socks and shoes!

I am so ready for a dry ground! I am so ready for sunshine……consistent, every-day sunshine! I am ready for ground that is cracked and dry! Yet, as I say that I am reminded of so many times when the ground has been just that way, and I have found myself longing for rain! Longing for moisture to help my flowers grow!

So, as I begin this rainy day, I am praying for contentment.

I am praying that I can see beauty in the mud puddle as a bird lands for a drink of water. I am praying that the moat at the end of my driveway will remind me of the hedge of protection I pray will guard my family from the devil’s schemes.

Thank you, Lord, for rain, and forgive me for grumbling! You truly have created a perfect world! And You speak to me….. even through the rain!