It’s been a LONG time since I sat down and actually watched a tv show with Tim and the kids.

Amazing Race use to be a family favorite with Nick, and it felt good tonight to sit down and enjoy some family time doing something “normal.”

As the show ended, another show began that I had forgotten even existed.  It is called “Undercover Boss.”undercover boss In this show, presidents and CEOs of companies go undercover as employees so that they can see how their businesses are being ran from “the inside out” without being recognized as “the boss.”

undercover boss picture undercover boss picture two

By the end of the show, the boss learns two things.

First, they discover employees who are invaluable and who need to be promoted.

Second, they find weaknesses in their business that need improvement.

Tonight, as I watched the CEO being brought to tears time and time again as he worked side by side with his employees who had tough life stories and yet great work ethics, it made me think about how I would be perceived by an undercover boss.

It also made me think about the reality that God does not have to go “undercover” to observe my work ethic or my attitude.

I am in tears tonight after watching employee after employee be praised and rewarded for their tireless work and great attitude in spite of many tough life situations.

I am humbled as I think of how whiny I can be at times about working full-time this year.

I want to do everything I do as “unto the Lord.”

He is my not-so-undercover boss.

When I stand before Him one day, I want to hear the words,

“Well done, good and faithful servant.”