2009-07-120116 holiday world trip resized

  Early morning set up of sound!

2009-07-120119 holiday world trip resized  

Live Fish guitarist Josh Reardon…Doesn’t he look like Jack Black?

   2009-07-120126 holiday world trip resized

Lead singer Dustin Fenison stretches a bit as they unload the van from an early-morning drive from Somerset, KY

2009-07-120124 holiday world trip resized 2009-07-120122 holiday world trip resized

Unloading the sound equipment was a job of its own!! Thanks, guys, for all of your hard work!  Your spirits were so full of Jesus’ servant heart!

Can’t wait til next year!!

2009-07-120492 holiday world trip resized

Live Fish rocked the stage late Saturday night!  Google them and you can hear them online!  They are amazing! 

You can also order their CDs and other Live Fish items as well!! 

2009-07-120495 holiday world trip resized

Dustin poses for a picture with Kaleb Mullins, one of Nick’s buddies and our amazing MC for the day!!!!!!!! 

2009-07-120497 holiday world trip resized

Post-concert autograph and photo time!

They sang, “Maria,” to Maria..Evan’s girlfriend!  Maria has been hired as the Spanish teacher at Elliott County High School!!!  Way to go, Maria!

2009-07-120496 holiday world trip resized

Remember Shelby?????? 

Our famous teen jeopardy girl!?!??! 

Oh, by the way, she received the highest scholarship possible to the University of Kentucky!!

2009-07-120498 holiday world trip resized

Tim made me pose too!! These guys were awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

More tomorrow!

Have a wonderful day!

Isn’t it amazing what God can do when we let go and just let Him take over!?

Thankful for all of your prayers!