I’m working feverishly and down-to-the-wire on a retreat for this weekend where I will be talking about the fact that HE CHOSE ME (or as I’d like to say) HE CHOSE US or HE CHOSE YOU…

The underlying theme is the bride of Christ which has had me wrestling greatly.  I think because I have seen time and time again how terribly rocky marriage can be and how disappointing it can be as well….for so many…..and for me at times….so I never wanted my talks at the retreat to be centered around marriage.

Anyway, I’ve been subbing during the day this week and trying my best to teach about quotation marks, and italicizing the appropriate words in sentences, and all sorts of language arts things while at the same time being consumed emotionally with Scriptures about God’s faithfulness and our need for His constant love and adoration.

Then in the afternoons I’ve been running the carpool service back and forth to the middle school for practices and then coming back to the middle school to stay for the evening games….

which has been an opportunity to listen to some good KLove music as well as “think” a bit.

But now I’m down to the TRUE LAST WIRE!

I’m right up against the ticking clock, and I feel like God is pushing me in a different direction all of the sudden with some of my message and I am so deeply in thought and prayer that I need to ask for your prayers as well.

I also would be THRILLED with any insight you have on the Bride of Christ or the fact that HE CHOSE ME or HE CHOSE US or HE CHOSE YOU!!!!

I’m truly open!

And truly thankful for anyone who posts anything.

So thankful that if you post, I will place your name in a drawing for a book that I was honored to be a contributing writer in recently called “HUGS BIBLE REFLECTIONS FOR WOMEN.”  In the book, I shared a story from Nick’s hospital experience about how God was there for us at a moment when we needed him desperately!!  And how prayer got us through a very long and emotional night.

Thanks for sharing any comments, thoughts, Scriptures!

I know that this weekend is God’s!  The devil has done everything he can think of to distract me.  But he will not win!