But Lot’s wife looked back, and she became a pillar of salt.

Genesis 19:26

This may be one of the most disturbing stories in the Bible for me.

We teach it to our kids in Sunday school as if things like this happen every day.

You can find all kinds of cartoon pictures of Lot and his daughters running away from a burning town, while Lot’s wife, who is never even named, is standing behind them on the road…

looking back…

as a column of human-shaped salt.

To be honest, I want to study this passage more.

I want to look in more commentaries.

I want to ask some Bible professors a few questions.

I want to know why God, a God of love and mercy, chose to be drastic with Lot’s wife.?


Because, I am a wife and mom who is guilty of “looking back.”

I am the queen of second guessing., wondering how things might have been “if such and such hadn’t happened.”

And maybe, just maybe, God knew that when Lot hesitated and an angel had to seize his hand and pull him out of town that it was clear that having a wife who “looked back” would be the end of this line of people.

Constant drama may have been the word of the day if Lot’s wife would have stayed in the picture.

But, I have to believe there was more to Lot’s wife than we ever got to see.

Maybe her heart was wicked.

Maybe her love of material “things” caused her  to long to stay in such an evil place just to keep the luxuries she had always enjoyed.

For this morning, I do believe this:

The question is not so much, “What you are looking back to see?”

I think the question is “Why are you looking back to see it?”

God knows our heart.

He is a soul searcher.

He is loving and merciful, and I do not believe He acts without reason.


The Bible says that fearing God is the beginning of wisdom.

So, if this story frightens you like it frightens me, then I guess it shows that we are beginning to get a little wisdom.

The Bible also tells us several times to “flee from evil” and “draw near to God.”

Today, look up to God.

Don’t look back to a life without Him.

I am so thankful that God is constantly pursuing us, longing to pull us closer to His heart.