Martha and her husband board a plane today at 2:30, headed back to MD Anderson where Martha will learn the date of her surgery and the treatment plan to follow.

Leaving everything she loves for an indefinite amount of time isn’t easy, though, so please keep Martha and John in your prayers.  Spending a little time with her yesterday, trying to do a little something to help her with her packing, and hugging her goodbye, I realized once again what truly matters in this life. 




In the end, that’s what we have surrounding us.

Not the stuff we have accumulated,

But the treasures we have stored up

in memories,

in laughter,

in sharing life with those we love and with Him.

Please keep Martha and John in your prayers today. 

I’ll let you know her surgery date as soon as they received the details.


The reality of what matters most hit hard yesterday morning when I walked into Sunday school and learned that one of our friends from church had lost their son in the night.

Remember our friends Tracy and Cheri who lost their daughter, Sasha, two years ago in a car accident?

Their only other child, Derek, passed away unexpectedly Saturday night.

Derek  has been an active part of our church as a Sunday school helper with his grandma and as a volunteer at Vacation Bible School every summer for as long as I can remember.

Please pray for Tracy and Cheri and their parents every time they come into your heart and mind.

I am so thankful that God promises in His Word that He is close to the brokenhearted.  Pray that they feel His presence in a powerful way as they walk this extremely difficult road.


I’m feeling the insignificance of daily routines today, longing for the day when our faith will be made sight.


I hope your week is filled with many opportunities to share His love with those around you.


As you walk through today, know you do not walk alone.


I love you all so very much,