They weren’t hiding…….

but they weren’t supposed to be on display either.

Hints of Christmas……

Reminders of winter.

They somehow missed the packing up of seasons long past.

And my friends discovered them this weekend.

How had I missed them?


Maybe I hadn’t really.

Maybe I like seeing Joseph by my television and a snowman hanging under my mantle.

Maybe I’ve passed them many times and smiled.

Because the truth is……………..

I need Christmas and part of my heart is forever in Winter.


I may pack them away eventually,

but to be honest,

I’ll probably put them right back where they were………..

and I may leave the Easter eggs in my dining room.

Because I need all seasons.

All year long.

Blogging has been such a struggle for me for the past year.

I wish I knew why.

I wish I knew why my words have seasons too.

Seasons of birth, death, and resurrection.

But since I don’t,

I’ll embrace whichever season God sends my way.

Like snow in April,

I’ll write when I feel stirred and I’ll be quiet when I don’t.

Today, I felt a nudge to photograph my out-of-season figurines.

Joseph and a snowman.

What in the world do they have to do with May?

In one way, nothing.

Yet in another way,

they have everything to do with every single day of my life.

A common man called to raise the Son of God.

Joseph did exactly what God asked him to do.

No questions.

No complaints.

No need for praise.

And my snowman………….

smiling in the cold of winter,

knows he’ll melt the minute the sun warms up.

He doesn’t fear his next chapter……..

which may be watering a flower or trickling into the roots of a tree.

And my Easter eggs.

Reminders of a spring morning when death was conquered once and for all.

How can I tuck them all away for a year?

I can’t make it without the Hope they hold.

I want to be Joseph.

Quietly doing the next thing God calls me to.

And I want to be my snowman.

Smiling, regardless of what comes next in life.

And goodness knows, what comes next has no guarantee for joy.


It’s Monday.

We’re a week into May.

And my house still has hints of seasons long gone…………

It probably always will.

And for me, that’s okay.


Happy Monday!

Happy Easter!

Merry Christmas!

And Happy Whatever Season You Need Today!

God is right there!