I’m taking a break from my mini-reviews on the book A New Earth. My head spins every time I read it…..

So tonight I decided to share a little bit about something much more near and dear to my heart…..HOUSEWORK!! Seriously, two of my sons are heading to Mexico for a mission trip in a couple of weeks and one of their fundraisers is a yard sale, which has inspired me to start my spring cleaning a little early and purge my house at the same time!


As I dumped out 8 drawers in one of the boy’s rooms and then went through every piece of clothing in his closet, I found myself in the middle of a spiritual journey! There are so many comparisons to cleaning out our houses and cleaning up our lives.

First, we have to KNOW that cleaning is necessary before we are motivated to begin doing anything about the problem! Often times I get comfortable in my house. I stuff things under beds, in drawers and closets, and I really don’t seem to mind. Suddenly, something happens (like I can’t find my keys) and I realize that my house is out of control! Life is just like this. So many times I get comfortable with where I am spiritually. I stuff my worries, my irritations, my sins down inside of me and I don’t seem to really mind. Suddenly, something happens (like I snap at one of my kids or I honk at an elderly person who hesitates at a green light-okay, I don’t really have roadrage-but you never know!) and I realize that my life is out of control! Becoming aware of our problem is the first step to fixing it!

Second, you have to make a mess before you can get organized. If I didn’t dump out every drawer and remove every shirt, I couldn’t truly start over with an organized dresser or closet. Life is like this. In order to really get reconnected with God, it is often messy. Sometimes, a meltdown is the only way up. Sometimes, pouring out every little thing that is eating at you or holding you back is the only way to fill yourself back up with what matters!

Third, many times when you begin evaluating what you have, you realize that so much of what you are holding on to is worthless. Shirts are stained, full of holes, don’t fit, aren’t your style. Life is just like this. Many times when you sit down and look at where you’re at in life, you discover that so much of what you’re holding on to is worthless. Habits, places you go, things you watch on TV, things you talk about are anything but attractive and definitely not your style if you are trying to live for Christ. It feels so good to just LET THEM GO!

Fourth, at the same time that you are discovering these things that are worthless you often rediscover things that are treasures! A favorite pair of pants, a shirt that brings back a memory of a vacation or sporting event. Life is just like this too! When we strip down our lives and reevaluate our priorities, we often find that things we use to love to do or memories that we cherish have been squashed by the rat race of life. Maybe you use to love to paint, take photographs, write, draw, take walks…….rediscover yourself!!

Fifth, when your mission is accomplished there is such a feeling of satisfaction! You can open a drawer and not cringe! You can open a closet and say TA DA!!! No more embarrassing moments…….no more guilt….no more missing keys! Isn’t life just like this too! Oh, to have a clean heart everyday! Oh, to let go of the things that hold me back from being everything God wants me to be!

I hope that as you begin your spring cleaning you will think about not only your house but also your heart!

Create in me a clean heart, O Lord! And a clean closet!

I love you all!