I spent $1 about 4 years ago and bought a little notebook to carry in my purse.  I thought that writing a verse in it every once in a while would help me as we were sitting in so many different doctor’s offices, waiting rooms, and hospitals with Nick.end of september  0011 (2)_resize

Through the years, I’ve added verse after verse after verse until the notebook became completely full. The cover has been torn off somewhere along the way………end of september  0002 (2)_resize

And the pages are beginning to fall out.end of september  0010 (2)_resize But this little notebook has carried God’s Word with me in a very personal way for so long that tonight when I couldn’t find it, I thought that I would cry.end of september  0007 (2)_resize  I wish I could somehow share the joy that overcame me when I felt the pocket of the bag I carried this past weekend and realized that I had never unzipped it to take this little notebook out!!!!  Oh, how I cling to these passages!

I have special plans for this notebook!

Plans that I hope will bless all of you one day.

Each verse in this book has given me strength not only as our family faced cancer with Nick but also now that we walk the road of grief.  I am working on a book that takes each of these verses and shows how it can help you too.  Please pray for me as I try desperately to find time to pour out how God has used His Word to strengthen me and give me Hope.

I want you to have that same strength and Hope.

Forever Thankful for His Word,