march 038 One of the ministries of Nick’s foundation is to provide wooden book display cases filled with children’s books to doctor’s offices and hospital waiting rooms across America. These cases will also share a little about Nick’s life as well as about the hope that comes from a relationship with Jesus Christ.

For the next two months we will be having a book drive for this outreach program. If you have any new or used children’s books (for any ages) that you would like to donate, please contact Trish Brammell through her blog ( Just post a comment on any of her blog postings and she’ll get back to you. She, along with Jenna McGuire, are heading up this ministry, and I am forever thankful!!!

I am convinced that Nick’s love for reading was a gift from God as he was able to “escape” into the wonders of books so many times when things were tough.

If you know of a doctor’s office or hospital that would be interested in having a Nick’s Nook, please let us know! We are taking orders at this time.

Special thanks to the Carter County Vocational School for your time and talent! Also, thank you, Tony Collier, for building our model after hearing about our dream.