Saturday on the way to Olivia’s basketball game, she told Tim (my husband) that she had had a dream and that in it Nick was sitting on the backboard of the basketball hoop.

She played with all of her life in both of her games Saturday, scoring 12 points in one game and 8 in the other as well as having many assists and rebounds! I just know she was seeing Nick on the backboard cheering her on.

When I got home Saturday night from being gone all day, I sat with Olivia to watch Polar Express. As we were watching it, I asked her about her dream. I said, “Did Nick look happy?”

Very matter of factly, Olivia began to speak. She said, “Yes, he was smiling. Actually, he was laughing. He was wearing a robe. It wasn’t really white……… was kind-of creamish. And he had wings. Oh, and his head was normal size.”

Later in the movie, I asked her again if she felt good about seeing Nick.

She simply looked at me, and said, “Yes….he was glowing.”

And then returned her attention to the movie.

I sat there with tears in my eyes. My little girl had comforted me so much.

Oh, to have the faith of a child. She was so “at peace” with the dream, so confident she had seen Nick.

And you know what, I truly believe she did!

The devil doesn’t want Olivia to have peace and joy about Nick’s death. And he certainly doesn’t want her to feel that there is a Heaven. Of course, he would like to see Olivia crying all the time, quitting sports, and just throwing in the towel on life.

To the devil, I say,

“I don’t think so. Get behind us, satan. We believe in the God of Resurrection!”

I have to add, though, that Tim is having a difficut time right now. He just cried and cried tonight. This was the real “first” day of football without Nick, and oh, how Tim missed his company.

Please whisper a prayer for my husband.

And thank God for Olivia’s dream!!