When my friend Kim stopped by the other day to deliver several containers full of supplies for Basket of Hope baskets, she brought me the cutest gift!

A praise flower!!!!!!!!!!!!!060511016 I wish you could tell by looking at this picture that it is “dancing.”  The leaves go up and down and the flower moves from side to side…….all day long….it is solar-powered!!!!!!!!!!!!  060511019 I smile every time I get in the car!  KLOVE even seems better (even though it was already great!) now that I have this little gift that is powered by the sun!

It reminds me that we should also be continually filled with praise and dancing as we are powered by THE SON!!!

Kim told me she bought it at the Christian bookstore in Huntington, WV, and I want to pick some up to give as gifts.

I even want to buy one to share with one of you!

If you post a comment here just to say “hi” and maybe share something you are thankful for I will enter you in the drawing for a praise flower!

I’ll announce the winner on Sunday at 4 p.m.

Thankful for each of you,