It’s funny how God works.

I remember playing “teacher” as a little girl,

and I remember the day my sister and I created our own school library by gluing notebook-paper pockets in the front

of all of our books so they could have their very own “library card.”

I eventually became a real teacher and fell in love with my students every single year.

But after Nick died……………

I was a different person.

I couldn’t handle many of the things I had dove into wholeheartedly before he passed away.

And even though I tried a different kind of role in the world of academics,

I knew something had to give or I was going to crumble.

So off to college I went (again) in search of a new chapter…………….

and wouldn’t you know?

God took the very world I had walked away from and gave it right back to me…………..

in a whole new way.

I now spend my weekdays in schools as a therapist instead of a teacher,

and I couldn’t be more thankful.

But as I walk the halls and see so many of my friends

who are still in the teaching field

dealing with so many different kinds of stressful things every single day,

my heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness for each of them.

They are heroes to me.

And this morning I just want them to know.

You are noticed.

You are loved.

You are appreciated.

You are needed.

You are changing the world…………..

one classroom at a time.

Thank you for your daily smiles………………

you amaze and inspire me!!!

This is for you……………from me.


“Praise to the Teacher”

Praise to the teacher 

who doesn’t feel imprisoned by words like “early duty,” 

“lunch duty,” or “after school bus duty,”

but instead rises above her duties

and see the souls encircling her

and smiles anyway…………

Because she knows her job 

transcends her own lifetime,

isn’t truly measured by data or

limited to core content.

And in many cases extends far beyond teacher to





and most of all


Praise to the teacher who keeps on giving when she has nothing left to give

and who inspires her students to do the same.

Praise to the teacher 

who never stops learning because she creates a classroom

full of young instructors 

who teach her new things every single day.

Praise to the teacher who is pulled in a hundred different directions 

but smiles anyway.

You are so loved.