Believe it or not, God has been using Olivia’s new kitten to speak to me this week while she has been away at church camp.

Not in real words.  Not even in “meows.”

But definitely in actions.

See, I decided to keep Marble up on the hill in our clubhouse at night until she got use to our home so that she wouldn’t run away.  And then during the day I would go and get Marble and bring her to our front porch where she would spend the entire day either under a bush or on our porch swing safely enjoying the breeze and the sunshine.  I put an old baby gate across our porch entrance so that our dogs couldn’t get to Marble and everything seemed to be working beautifully.

But the day before yesterday around 8 p.m., Maria (Evan’s girlfriend) and I were outside with Marble and I was getting ready to take her up the hill for the evening.  We talked about it, though, and decided that since she was being so good at staying near the house; we’d just leave her little cat box on the porch and let her stay there for the night.

Well, the next morning I had an early – morning substitute teacher training so I didn’t have time to check on her before I left.  When I got home, I discovered that Snoopy had ransacked our front yard.  Landscaping mulch and tarp were dug up everywhere!  She had even eaten through part of my fountain trying to get to Marble who must have been hiding underneath it at the time.  I was so afraid Marble was gone.

Maria and I went out to look for her and finally found her way up in a tree looking down at us terrified.

2009-07-090021 holiday world trip resized

2009-07-090019 holiday world trip resized

phillip and falling down the hill 020

We gave her time to come down but she wouldn’t, so later in the day we got out a tall ladder and I climbed up into the tree branches to get to her.  She was hanging on for dear life to the branch and her claws would not let go.  I had to work and work and talk and talk to her to get her to release her claws so that I could hold her close and take her to the safety of the porch.

She was so happy to eat and drink!!!

A little later though I went outside and once again…

she had been chased into the branches!  UGH!

   2009-07-090018 holiday world trip resized

I decided to let her stay there awhile and put Snoopy in the house.

Finally she came down and returned to the porch on her own.

But guess I mowed today, I realized she’s right back up in the branches looking down terrified!


Knowing exactly where I need to turn for safety and protection, yet running up trees that offer some sense of temporary comfort but with no lasting peace (like eating an entire box of Sugar Babies..just because they were on the shelf at the store when I was picking up wax for Todd’s braces).

Today, somehow through all of your prayers and my willingness to release everything into His hands once again……

and by releasing my claws from the branches of temporary protection..

I am feeling reenergized.

I put on my IPod Shuffle and mowed the front and back yard while listening to worship music and allowing God to speak to me through song after song.

As I was mowing, I saw Marble once again peering down from the tree top, and that’s when it all came together in my mind.

God was saying, “Tammy, let go.  The branches below you only seem frightening because you have put yourself in a place where you are looking down not up!”

Oh, Marble, I hope you’ll discover that you are safe on the porch!2009-07-090013 holiday world trip resized

Thankful for all of your prayers and for Marble’s ministry to me.

Ready to face the tasks of today with His help,