Surely the Israelites were overcome with joy when they were released from bondage in Egypt and then witnessed the splitting of the Red Sea just so they reach safety from Pharoah and his army!

Seeing a cloud by day and fire by night, signifying God’s presence, had to bring a sense of peace and assurance to their hearts as they journeyed towards the Promised Land.

In some ways, God seemed so much closer to them than He does to us.  Meeting Moses at Mt. Sinai to “talk,” reacting immediately to things that enraged Him, lifting the cloud or fire when He was ready for the people to move on to the next spot in their journey.  There was no question about how God felt or where He was in those wilderness days………

Yet, somehow, the Israelites had the nerve to complain all along the way.

They tried to replace God with a golden calf when they got tired of waiting for Moses to come down off the mountain.

They got tired of eating manna every day and whined for meat.

They had the nerve to long for their days of slavery again because in those days  they “at least were able to eat all different kinds of food.”

They became so needy that Moses begged for God to take his life so he didn’t have to listen to them anymore……..

The Israelites had a lot to learn before they reached the Promised Land, and God decided to turn their 11-day journey into a 40- year experience.


I don’t know about you, but I find a lot of similarities between me and the Israelites.


Years ago, I gave my life to God…… that time I experienced…..


Freedom from slavery to sin

God’s presence 24/7

A future in the Promised Land


Since then, there’s been a lot of wandering in the wilderness.


Have I handled it beautifully?


Not always.


I tend to complain.


I tend to wonder where God is when things go wrong even though He has been there for me in the past and promises to never leave me or forsake me.


I’m learning along the way.


Learning to trust.


Learning to be still.


Learning to be quiet.


Learning to believe that the Promised Land is coming………….in His time.


I still have some things to learn in the wilderness.


Today, I’m asking God to help me to be a more compliant student.


It’s help so much when I remember that the Promised Land is coming!


It’s coming for you too!


From one wandering Israelite to another…….


eat your manna thankfully,


don’t put other gods before Him


and  have a super day!