A Christian publishing company contacted me this past week and wondered if any of you would be willing to answer four questions for them. They are considering some new Bible studies for women (men, feel free to answer for your wives or ask them what they think) and wondered about the following things:

  • From your perspective, what are the needs if any that aren’t currently being met in women’s small group studies?
  • Does your women’s group currently use women’s studies or do you create your own?
  • What would the ‘ideal’ small group study include – devotionals, journaling, video, etc.?
  • Do you have a favorite study that you’ve used previously? What is it?

If you have time to either post your answers or email me your answers to:


I will compile them and send them on to the publisher.

Although I am doing this as a favor to the publisher, I still feel that if you take the time to answer these questions you should at least be offered the chance at a prize!

I will have a drawing on August 2nd for a set of Nick’s notecards ($20 value!) and your name will be in the drawing if you either post answers to the questions above on this blog entry or if you email me your answers!

Love you all,