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Kitties number three and four went to their new home this week!!!  Can’t you tell they are going to get a lot of love and attention!!!camp and kittens 0011 (2)_resizeWe had to laugh at this kitties poor little face!!!!!  HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Kitty number five traveled all the way to Lexington with us and was a surprise graduation gift for our friend’s daughter. (pre-approved)

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We’ve received word that this kitty has been named “Smokey Robinson and will be called “Smokes.”  As you can see from the picture above, Smokes met a new little friends when he arrived in Lexington.  🙂camp and kittens 0059 (2)_resize  And finally……kitty number six was delivered last night to his new home.

Kitties number one and two are doing great and have been named Shadow and Crookshanks.  Still waiting for a few names to be reported to us!

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We’re back to only having Marbles..Olivia’s trying to give her extra love…she’s been crying for her babies.  ;(