“This scarlet cord will save you,” 
the spies told Rahab just before leaving the safety of her home.
As they lowered themselves down the side of the wall,
 she did exactly what they told her to do.
She tied the cord on the bars of her window and waited.
Waited for the battle she knew was coming and waited to be saved.
Don’t we all long to have a scarlet cord tied to our window?
Something signifying that we trust in a coming Savior.
Something to show God that even though we’ve messed up and fallen short over and over again, we want to choose right.
We want to be victorious.
We want salvation.
Sometimes it may feel like our scarlet cord has not been seen.
We’re waiting and waiting for the dramatic rescue.
The moment when we know for sure we have been swept away from all that is wrong.
Battles rage all around us, and sometimes it’s easy to get discouraged.
Today, I’m feeling like someone needs to know that God sees your scarlet cord.
He knows you’re there.
He will honor your faithfulness.
He will bless your family, because you have chosen to do what is right.
He’s coming to save you, and He is faithful.
Don’t give up.
Keep trusting.
He’s on His way.
Your scarlet cord, your belief in His redeeming power, will be rewarded.