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Saturday after the alumni soccer game at KCU, my friend Martha and I ran to Homespun Sisters to buy a shower gift for another friend’s daughter who is getting married next month.

We found this beautiful clock, word sign, and candle and thought it would be a perfect gift from us and two other ladies who were all going together on our gift……the message we wanted to send with this gift was

“Always make time for love.”

But guess what?

We forgot to write that message inside the card! 🙁

Isn’t that how it goes so many times?

We have an idea, an intention, a goal, a dream……but in the end, we don’t carry through.

In the busyness of life at our house, taking time to show love is something that requires great effort and determination.

I have a lot of regrets in life.  One of them is not making the most of every opportunity to show love to my family.

But life isn’t like a video game where we can “Start Over.”  We have to  start where we’re at and go from there.

Are there people in your life that need to hear the words “I love you?”  Are there family members who need to know how much you care about them? 

For tonight, I just wanted to say,  “Always make time for love.”

I’m speaking at a retreat in February where the theme is “Authentic Friendship.”  I believe that to be an authentic friend, we have to be able to make time to show our love to our friends.  So, tonight, in the craziness of all we are involved in right now, I wanted to say “I love you all so much,” but most of all I wanted to say:

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I love you, Tim.

Proverbs 17:16-18

A friend loves at all times……..