A family in our county is having a very, very difficult day.

I just received a very short email from the father asking for prayer from them.

Their son, Jared, has been fighting brain cancer for over a year, and today they are driving to Cincinnati so that Jared can be given a feeding tube. The doctors are recommending hospice at this time.

My heart is so connected to this family. I have them on my heart every day. They are walking such a similar road to the one our family walked just one short year ago with our precious Nick.

Words don’t seem adequate to convey the agony they are experiencing on this particular morning which for many of us is a quite average Wednesday morning in October.

I write this morning asking you to lift them high in your prayers. Ask God to bring His love and peace which honestly can and does transcend human understanding.

Only God can bring the comfort they need today.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that Jared is surrounded by angels of comfort. I know because I have heard so many stories of angels being with and near people who are near to the Lord.

My prayer today is that Ed, his wife, and their three other children will experience God’s presence in such mighty ways that they will have no fear, no anguish, and no doubt that Jared, sweet Jared, though very, very sick is loved so very, very much by His Creator.

Father, I lift up this precious family who has clung to You and claimed Your healing power for so very long for their precious son. Lord, Your ways don’t always make sense to us. Help us to trust You with a deep abiding faith in those dark, dark valleys. I believe, Lord, that in these darkest moments You are able to shine the brightest. Open our eyes to see You in these valleys. Shine for Jared’s family, Lord. Shine bright. We love You, Lord. And we thank You for the hope of Heaven and for giving Your Son so that we could have that promise of eternity with You if we accept Him as our Savior. In His Precious and Life-Changing Name, Jesus, I pray this morning. Amen.