Who likes to wait? Red lights seem to last too long. Doctors are often off-schedule. Grocery lines can take forever. Even fast food often feels like slow food as I sit in slow drive-thru lines. I have to be honest and say that sometimes just waiting for a microwave to beep after waiting three minutes seems like an eternity! Most things that we do in life involve some sort of waiting.

I often wonder why this is the way it is. Truthfully, I believe the problem lies more within us than it does within the situation. I think back to the pioneer days when heating a cup of water for tea would involve building a fire, walking to the creek for a bucket of water, and then patiently waiting for the ice cold liquid to warm over the open flame. Having a hamburger for dinner would require not only raising a cow, butchering it, and then having it made into beef, but also buiding a fire and waiting it out. But, I have to believe that back then the pioneers weren’t thinking about the time it took to do these tasks. They were just doing what they had to do to drink or eat.

When did we get in such a hurry? I’ve heard it said that the more conveniences we gain in life (computers, microwaves, VCRs, etc.) the less time we have to enjoy them. For some reason, we are lmost always in a hurry!

Since I have been home with our son who is battling cancer, I have definitely learned some important lessons about life! First, there is always tomorrow to do what you don’t get done today, so stop and take time to have tea with a friend, to swing with your kids, to laugh with a neighbor out in your yard. Second, I’ve learned that waiting rooms can be places to reconnect with old friends, read a favorite book, make a list of things you want to do, or write cards to friends. Third, I’ve learned that time in my car can be a worship experience if I turn on my favorite Christian radio station and just listen and think about how wonderful God is! Fourth, I’ve learned that much like I had grown impatient in the little things of life, I had grown impatient with God. I asked, and I wanted answers. Even if it was “no,” I felt that I needed an answer…..asap! Now, I know that waiting on God is also a time to worship Him, reflect on my options, pray, study His Word, and so much more.

If you are having trouble waiting either in an earthly sense at a red light or in a spiritual sense as God is working but not yet answering your prayers, I encourage you to sit back, turn on some Christian music, pull out your Bible, and just enjoy the wait!

The pioneers seemed to do just fine with little to no conveniences! And I just bet that many of them had some pretty amazing experiences with God along the way!

Living while waiting……not that’s real living!