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Olivia, her friend Cameron, and I had such a nice weekend with my mom and dad.  We didn’t get home til midnight Saturday night, though, and I spent yesterday afternoon doing laundry and getting ready for a class I have to teach this morning at Carter Caves for Camp Kids on India.  hoiday world 0020_resize

I kept thinking that I needed to sit down and write the Battlefield of the Mind lesson for last week and ended up with 6 girls coming over to stay all night with Olivia………an end of the summer sleepover……… hoiday world 0066_resize

So after a campfire and late night swimming, I chose to head to bed at 3:30 a.m. with several girls still awake. hoiday world 0040_resize

And now, I am needing to get out the door to teach these morning classes, so I thought I’d share some pictures for this morning and write later tonight.  I love you all! hoiday world 0028_resize  hoiday world 0089_resize hoiday world 0033_resize hoiday world 0036_resize

Remember Randy, who lived with us in May???  His whole family was at Holiday World too!  What a surprise!!!!! hoiday world 0025_resize hoiday world 0090_resize hoiday world 0052_resize Mom won a prize at a baby shower we attended with her!!! 🙂

hoiday world 0071_resize hoiday world 0054_resize Until tonight!