I’m reading  a book right now entitled,

Sacred Rhythm-A Journey to Spiritual Transformation.

In the chapter I read this morning, the author shared research from brain specialist, Joseph Chilton.

In his research of the brain, he discovered that just as many adults experience a mid-life journey to find deeper meaning in life, teenagers also have a brain spurt related to how they see reality.


During this time in their development, this is what they need:


Adults who model a meaningful life.

When teens don’t experience adults who help them find a deeper purpose and meaning for living,

they can become “profoundly frustrated.”

Researcher Joseph Chilton believes this is why we are seeing an increase in teen violence.


Teens  need to see meaning

in the adult world.


“When teens moves into adulthood without having discovered a deeper sense of meaning and purpose of existence, their disillusionment can settle into a profound (and sometimes very subtle) cynicism and emotional detachment that is opposite of the hope, passion, and energy that are basic to the Christian faith.”


This morning, I’m thinking of all the amazing men and women I know who model life with a deep sense of purpose and meaning,


I am overwhelmed with thankfulness.

As you walk through your day today,

look for opportunities to impact the next generation in a way that helps them discover a deeper reason for living than simply “to exist.”


This world needs purpose-filled people.

This world needs passion-filled people.

This world needs hope-filled people.


Our teenagers need us to be those kind of people in their lives today.


As the mom of two teenagers, I am so incredibly thankful for all of you who are already those very kind of people to my kids!


Praying for all of you today and truly feeling that in so many ways “my cup overflows.”