I’ve thought a lot this week about what a mommy eagle must do after her babies learn to fly.
 I keep coming back to this:
She must keep flying.
She surely doesn’t return to her nest and pout (which I have done before).
She surely doesn’t quit eating (which I sometimes wish I could do temporarily anyway).
She surely doesn’t decide her purpose in life is over.
No, eagles fly even when the nest looks different.
And along the way they must soar right by their eagle children from time to time and feel a sense of pride as they see the warm wind lifting their kids to great heights.
We are in a season of watching our eagles begin to fly.
Our nest is quickly emptying.
I’ve had a lot of private tears lately.
I’m not going to pretend that wheeling suitcases to our trunk and watching sons walk through security at airports is ever going to get easy for me.
But I’m proud.
And I’m thankful.
Because I know they are all trying to find their way in this big old world,
and I know that they know our nest is here………………….
As a place of retreat, a place for love…………………
a place to call home.
So, this morning, as I finally received official word that Todd has reached his final plane destination and will now journey thirteen hours by train to reach the place where he will stay for the entire semester in south Asia,
I can get ready for work and do my own flying today.
Please keep my boy in your prayers.
He’s flying, and because my hope is in a powerful, mighty God,  I will keep flying too.
No matter how full or empty your nest be,
I’m praying you will fly high today.
Here’s the secret to soaring:
Those who put their hope in the Lord will renew their strength,
they will soar on wings like eagles.


Isaiah 40:31
Put your hope in Him and soar!