This morning I find myself trying to get ready for work while my heart and mind are drifting……….

…….to Erich and Mallory and their possible plans to go to the other side of the world as missionaries and how excited and scared and happy and sad the thought of this is to me as a mom,

……then to Evan in California and how much we miss him and pray for him and daily ask God to put a hedge of protection around his soul, constantly drawing him back to the One who loves him even more than we do,

……then to Maria who is planning the next chapter of her life, longing to put God first in all she does,

…….then to Todd and how we are watching him bloom into a man at college and how we long to see him be all that God wants him to be,

……then to Olivia who faces her own kind of struggles at middle school, trying to find herself at the tricky age of 13 when no one really knows exactly “who” they are.


Yes, this morning my mind is spinning.

So what do I do?????


What else is there to do but sit and be still?

Sit and close my eyes and just give everything to God, remembering that He loves Erich, Mallory, Evan, Maria, Todd, and Olivia more than I ever could.

He holds each of them in the palm of His hand.

He hides each of them in the shelter of His wing.


With a deep breath, I realize that no matter where life takes each of them NOTHING CAN SEPARATE THEM FROM THE LOVE OF GOD.


So, today, as I head back into my little cinderblock classroom to read a story about Thanksgiving in Polynesia, I have to let go of my spinning thoughts and ask God to hold them for me.

He is able to do this for me and for you.

So, if you find your mind spinning this morning, take a minute to close your eyes and just be still.  Take a deep breath.  Cast all your cares upon Him.

He really does care for you.