memorial day weekend Sunday 0012_resize

Keeping track of teenage boys who have decided to make movies this summer based on their Zelda video game…… day weekend Sunday 0013_resize

Wondering how many teenage boys are willing to be seen driving with a Care Bear as their passenger?memorial day weekend Sunday 0015_resize

Buckled, of course….memorial day weekend Sunday 0006_resize Taking Olivia to get her first perm……

week of may 24 0028_resize

Having a college camp team over to our house to make banana splits…… (We are their prayer parents for the summer.)

week of may 24 0029_resize

Giving them supplies so that they can create team t-shirts…….

week of may 24 0038_resize

Watching Kate……

week of may 24 0041_resize

And Logan…….

week of may 24 0039_resize

And Kimi…..

week of may 24 0042_resize

And Viriginia…….be creative. 🙂

week of may 24 0004 (2)_resize    Attending band banquets where Todd and his friends received certificates for their accomplishments this year in band!week of may 24 0024_resizeSaying bye to Randy, our house guest for a few weeks while he took a summer class at KCU.  Thankfully, Todd and Randy became great friends while he was here, because Randy will be traveling with Todd for a couple of weeks later this summer in a choir.

Its been busy here.

I just wanted to share a little of what has been happening in our home.

We miss Erich and Evan so much!  Erich loves his job!  We’re planning to go see him in Nashville some time next week!  Evan’s internship is going great!  We talk to him every day and cannot believe all of the fun things he has already had the opportunity to see and do! 

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

God bless you all,