Mark 1:2-3

“…..I will send my messenger ahead of you
who will prepare your way…..
a voice of one calling in the desert…”

Have you ever thought about how differently you might have done things had you been the one to choose how to send Jesus to the earth or to announce His coming to the people of His day?

I would have been tempted to have Jesus born to royalty…..
After all He is our King.

I would have been tempted to have Him live a life of luxury…..
After all He was use to Heaven!

I would have been tempted to have His name placed on every marquis I could find proclaiming that the Son of God was walking on the earth!!!!
After all He came to save us from our sins……….ETERNALLY.

But, thankfully God sees the big picture.

He knew that a stable was a fitting beginning.

He knew that the sweet and very non-materialistic couple (Mary and Joseph) would raise Jesus to love all people no matter what their status.

He knew that John the Baptist’s voice “calling from the desert” would cause a stir….

would cause people to look and listen.

Who is this man walking in the hot sand proclaiming hope to all mankind?

How can this man see hope in the midst of a desert?

What does he know that we need to know?

I guess that’s why God is able to use our suffering in a more powerful way than our times of great rejoicing to help others.

Not that God doesn’t want us to experience joy and wonderful moments.

But I do believe that when it comes to truly meeting someone’s needs with the love of Jesus, God somehow sends the message in a way we would least expect it.

For me, Memorial Day weekend could have been so very painful and sad.

But somehow God used the faces of precious children who sat in the chair across from me on our small town Main Street as I painted butterflies, rainbows, ice cream cones, and so much more……………..
to remind me that He is with me and that He holds all children in the palm of His hand…………….

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He used flowers from a friend in Florida to brighten my day on Nick’s birthday!! Thank you, Carol! I love you!

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He used Olivia and her little fun pack of friends to make me smile over and over again!

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He used a house full of college kids and girl friends and laughter to keep me cooking and cleaning and laughing and loving!

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He used my son’s determination to throw me in the pool IN MY CLOTHES to make me laugh so hard and have such a fun time!

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He used the meeting of a friend’s mom who lives in Texas and who knows me only through my blog to make me smile! Hi, new friend!!!!!

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field day memory days 161

I ended my time on Main Street by releasing one red balloon that had been tied to my chair!!! It was my “hello” to Nick! I’m so glad I had my camera nearby to capture it as it floated up into the sky!!

Thank you, Lord, for brightening my weekend with beautiful sunshine, beautiful clouds, and beautiful faces!!! I never expected to have such a wonderful weekend..but then again, why am I ever surprised at how You show up where I least expect You! Thank you!

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