If we aren’t careful, we can turn around and realize our life is in a rut.
A place of “humdrum-ness” –
A routine that becomes so predictable, so mundane, that we stop dreaming of anything more than surviving the next day, the next thing on our to-do list.
Nick’s fight with cancer opened my eyes to the harsh reality of just how fragile life is but it also taught me so much about the treasure tucked away in every single new day of life.
I’ve seen the same lesson learned by many others as they face similar struggles with their friends or family members.
Isn’t it amazing how God works?
Only God could use the uncertainty of life  to teach us about the beauty of life.
Only God could take the unknown qualities of tomorrow to help us celebrate the known joy in today.
Only God could take the fear of death and somehow use it to help us appreciate the gift of life.
I have found that God’s ways almost never make sense from man’s view.
He has the ability to take our most unimaginable, and even horrific, circumstances and transform them into moments of deep beauty and transformation.
He uses every mistake, every fear, every doubt, every longing, every failure, and every loss to teach us about …………….
On our darkest day He longs to be our brightest light, and in the middle of our worst nightmare He longs to be our peace that surpasses understanding.
So, in this world where it can be easy to see all the evil and all the chaos;
God longs to be the GOOD and CALMING force that overrides every less-than-perfect experience.
Many times He chooses to work through other people in order to be the love we need, the strength we long for, the hope we crave.
He sent Perfect Love in the form of a baby boy many years ago,
but I believe He still sends gifts of love today in the form of men and women all around us……………when our eyes are open and hearts are willing to receive.
As I think about this, I realize that just as God has sent so many different people into my life to teach me about love;
He longs to use me too to be that gift of love to others who are hurting.
He longs to use you too.
So, today, as we enter into Easter weekend and celebrate the death, burial, and resurrection of our Savior and the powerful gift He was to mankind,
let’s commit to being a gift to those around us who need to SEE love in human form today.
Let’s determine to look outward in search of those who need Jesus and rather than simply offering an invitation to a church, let’s demonstrate just how vibrant and full and rich and meaningful and life-changing Jesus’ love can be by
This means we will think before we speak, we will consider His ways before our own ways, we will find good even in the midst of the very bad, we will embrace hardship and allow God to use it to mold us, we will face illnesses differently, we will face grief differently, we will pour joy out on a hurting world through our every word and action.
We will see Him in nature and in the eyes of children and in the faces of our friends of family.
When you are so completely full of Him that you can barely breathe, you will exhale His love.
When you are so completely aware of His presence that you can barely look at anything without seeing His hand at work, you will find yourself thinking about Him every second of every day.
Fall madly in love with Jesus today and let the world SEE that love demonstrated in your day-to-day activities.
When someone gives a flower to someone they care about, they are showing how much they care.
A flower is a simple, but beautiful, representation of someone’s feelings..
One rose is a symbol, a visual reminder of an internal feeling.
God longs to use us to be visual reminders of His internal feelings.
God is calling each of us today to be a rose –
a gift from Him to the world.
Allow Him to use you today to show the world just how much He loves them.
The world needs to SEE love so that it can be reminded of HIS LOVE.
The devil would love nothing better than for us to fall into a predictable and boring routine, forgetting just how special every day of life is and just how much we matter to the people with whom we share life.
God, on the other hand, sees today as a rare and precious gift.
And He sees you and me as part of a beautiful bouquet full of potential for changing the hearts of the world around us.
Ask God to fill you up with His love so that He can use you to show the world His love.

John 13:34-35

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another, even as I have loved you, that you also love one another. “By this all men will know that you are My disciples, if you have love for one another