I remembered that I hadn’t yet chosen a winner in the drawing for the book Hugs: Bible Reflections for Women, so I went back to that post from September to make my selection. I was in a rush and thought “I’ll just pick number four whoever it is!”

Well, it was Natalie, so I went to her blog to tell her that she had won and realized that Natalie is a friend I have met through my blog who has also lost a child.

And I had stopped by her blog over a month ago to check in and had read that her other daughter had run away from home.

When I went back today, I realized that she has not posted any news since August 8th when this happened. I felt so horrible for not checking in sooner.

I just thought that God laying this “book drawing” on my heart at this minute as I walking out the door and then leading me to just pick a number when I usually write down all names and do a drawing was so Providential in that He wants all of us to pray for Natalie and her family.

You can go to http://byhisgrace-adkins.blogspot.com/ to send Natalie a note.

Love you all. Thanks for being faithful in prayer.