I have heard it said that when you come up against a writer’s block the best thing to do is to “write through it” which seems like very difficult advice in a way.  Kind-of like telling someone who can’t swim to just jump in the water and “swim through” their inability to swim or telling someone who has a fear of heights to climb to the highest point they can find and just “look down” in order to conquer their fear.

But then again, if we didn’t face some of our fears head on, I guess we’d be paralyzed by them – which is oddly enough how I have felt the past few days when I have attempted to log on and place anything of meaning on my blog.

For those of you who blog, I’ll bet you can relate.

I just watched “Julie and Julia” or “Julia and Julie,” I can’t remember which way their names were listed.  Its a movie about a blogger who cooks her way through Julia Child’s cookbook.  I had to laugh out loud several times as Julie was lying in bed with her husband stressing about her blog while her husband would go from being very patient and encouraging to very irritated and fed-up with the whole blogging thing…it began to overtake her life as her online audience grew and she felt more and more responsibility to her readers.

Here’s the truth:

I don’t want my blog to be about me.

I want it to be about God and His Promises and His ability to get us through EVERYTHING.

And lately, I’ve been thrown into some “much smaller than losing Nick” and yet very time-consuming, painful, and difficult situations which have drained me emotionally and physically in my personal life and have in many ways made me think too much about “me.”

So, rising above those things in order to share with you has seemed almost impossible at times.

The great news is this:

The same God who walks the road of grief with those of us on that pathway is the very same God who is with all of us who are dealing with other struggles.

Illness, job loss, financial stresses, loneliness, depression, parenting drama, marriage problems…

Whatever it is that brings you to the lowest point in your life today is the very thing that God is ready to lift you from by His strength and power.

That’s what I have to remember as I find myself having an unacceptable pity party about my foot.  See, I’m a mover.  I rarely sit down other than my quiet time and to watch a few shows with the family, so being in a recliner all day goes against everything inside of me.  I don’t like to be waited on.  I don’t like to see things I could be doing and not be able to do them.

So sitting here, feeling trapped, does not inspire me to write beautiful things.  It makes me want to scream….really loudly.

But I have got to remember that God is working even now, and I have got to listen. 

What is He saying?  Right now, in all the “corniness” (no pun intended since I’m talking about my feet) of how this might sound, I think He is telling me to take care of myself.  Especially my feet.

I’ve learned from several different friends who do not even know each other that one of the biggest things I am going to have to do is change the kinds of shoes I wear and get rid of my old worn out shoes…

I’ve been given several websites to look at, and I realize more and more as I click through the many wonderful options of shoe apparel just how minimal my effort has been in taking care of my feet through the years.  Clearance rack shoes with no support have been a norm for me.  Wearing the same shoes for years and years and years has been my pattern.

I also think He’s also calling me to look more deeply at what He has to say about “feet” in His Word.

“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!” Romans 10:15

He doesn’t say “eyes, mouths, or hands.”  He says “feet.”  In those days, people walked most every place they went.  They knew that sharing Jesus involved meeting more and more people and introducing them to the Hope of Heaven.

Today, we have telephones, televisions, books, Internet….those are our feet many times.  But are we using them to share GOOD NEWS!!

There’s a lot of bad news right now.  As a matter of fact, that’s the kind of news that people seem to be drawn to most quickly, its the kind of news that travels fast.

But as Christians we have good news!

Jesus died for our sins, so we are forgiven.

This world and all its troubles will pass away one day and we have the gift of eternal life waiting for us if we give our hearts to Him!

Jesus says, “I am the way, the truth, and the life.  No one comes to the Father except through me.” John 14:6

So for today, my writer’s block has led me to these truths:

God is with us all.

He longs for us to know His Son as our Savior.

He walks the roads we walk.  We are never alone.

He longs for us to share this good news with others.

I guess writing through a writer’s block works after all.

Sitting at His Feet Even More While I Can’t Walk on Mine,