What Are You Holding?

November 18th, 2019


When his mother packed his lunch early that morning,

did she ever dream she was packing a miracle?

And if she’d known,

would she have packed a little more –

knowing Jesus would be looking in the basket

in search of supplies.

And as the little boy headed to town, did he realize what he was holding?

Just two fish and five loaves of barley – yet enough to feed thousands.


What about the widow of Zarephath —

Did she forget what it takes to make bread

when she told Elijah she only had flour and oil at her house?

It’s so easy to forget.

Miracles don’t require extraordinary supplies.

They just require us…………………

and whatever God has placed in our hands.

In Sunday School yesterday, as we finished another day in our

Made for This: 40 Days to Living Your Purpose book study.

And the question author Jennie Allen asked in this chapter was,

“What are you holding?

My Bible reading this morning included the crucifixion of Jesus.

So many different kinds of people holding so many different things filled up these few pages in the Scriptures.

From swords to spears to coins to signs to sticks,

character after character enters this part of Jesus’ story briefly and then exits stage right.

But every person has a purpose –

and what they’re holding does to.

Over and over again we read the words,

“that Scripture may be fulfilled.”

God had a play for every person.

And the objects they held moved that plan along.

What if we entered today fully aware of what our hands are holding?

Maybe it’s a pen or a computer or a phone.

Maybe it’s the hand of a loved one who is sick.

Or the steering wheel of our car.

Maybe it’s a baby in need of love.

Or a dish in need of washing.

Whatever it is,

what if we considered it sacred?

Could it be that God has entrusted us with

A holy dishrag?

A set apart steering wheel?

A sanctified laptop?

How different would today look if we periodically paused,

looked down,

and asked ourselves,

“What am I holding?”

“And how can God use it?”

How quickly could the world turn right side up if we all decided

on this brand new Monday morning –

this new day of life and gift of another sunrise –

to look down,

exam our possessions,

and then immediately look up,

asking God to use them?

He’s got the whole world in His hands.

What’s in yours today?

nest and eggs

When The Nest Flies Too……..

November 7th, 2019


The first bird flew away over a decade ago.

Watching him soar high into the sky,

my heart whispered,

You always have a home here.

This nest is yours forever.


Not long after, the second bird began to flap his wings.

Flying high and free,

the whole world became his home.

But still, a mommy bird wants her little one to remember,

You always have a home here.

This nest is yours forever.


The third bird, having watched his brothers take flight,

must have liked what he saw.

Because the day arrived when he,


began his journey into the clouds –

and across the ocean.


Three little birds gone,

my heart longed for each of them to never forget,

You always have a home here.

This nest is yours forever.


Time passed by.

One lone bird remained.

Chirping loudly,

she kept us busy.

And refilled our nest with other little birds,

sleeping over and giggling their way through many nights.

Could she read my mind as I watched them play?


I think she could.

And like her brothers,

she knew it was true.

This nest was their safe place.

No matter what the world might hurl their way.


But what healthy bird never flaps its wings?

Refuses to take off?

Denies the right to soar high?

So inevitably, her day came too.

Wings flapping beautifully,

she carried herself up and away.


And for the very first time,

our nest was truly empty.

But it was still here.

Faithfully waiting.

Ready to fill back up for holidays,


and all kinds of other special events.


If there’s one thing you should always be able to count on,

isn’t it your nest?


That’s what I thought anyway.

Until the day God unexpectedly said,

It’s your turn.

Spread your wings.




Nervously we looked around.

Could this be right?

Is He asking us to leave the very nest our little birds believed was here to stay?

And is He asking us to leave it too?

Every twig.

Every branch.

How do we do this?

How do we find the strength to flap our wings and fly away from every single thing we hold dear?


Did Abraham feel the pull to stay?

Did Moses resist for more reasons than a fear of public speaking?

All through the Bible,

God pushed people out of their comfort zones when He was ready to use them in a different way.

And our nest is definitely our comfort zone.

So the day we felt the call,

we hesitantly walked to the edge.

Looked down.

And realized it was time.

He was pushing and our choice was clear.

Flap or fall.

So we said, “Yes,”

and as we did,

something happened.

God began to perform a miracle.

Not a tangible or immediate one

and not one that causes crowds to oooh and ahhhh,

but it was a a miracle none-the-less.

God somehow began to transform our nest.

Every twig became a memory.

Every branch a story.

The empty nest we call our home started changing from walls and windows to a home deep within our hearts.


“Yes.  You’re going to fly,”

He lovingly said,

“But the nest is flying with you.”


Suddenly, it wasn’t quite as scary.

This decision to journey into a new chapter became just a little easier when we realized we aren’t really leaving anything or anyone behind.

Because family isn’t held together by twigs and branches.

It’s held together by memories and stories and love.

So we called the kids.

And talked to friends.

And realized they already knew what we struggled to believe.

No matter where we settle.

The nest will be there too.


Our address may change.

But our love remains the same,

gently whispering to family and friends,

You always have a home here.

This nest is yours forever.


With conflicting emotions but a sense of God’s supernatural peace,

Tim and I want to share that after thirty wonderful years of service at Kentucky Christian University,

Tim is exchanging his role as Dean of the School of Business for the position of

Financial Analyst with Northeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky.

We believe God is calling us to rebuild our nest there.

And we invite you all to visit.



I have much more to say about this heart-wrenching decision but for today I want to say this,

Thank you,


First Church of Christ,

and KCU,

for helping us raise our family and for walking so faithfully with us through every high and every low.

You are the twigs and branches of our nest forever.

Where (and who) would we be without you?