They say, “Home is the where the heart is,”

so what does that mean when

your heart is spread all over the country and even all the way to Heaven.

Watching children transform into adults and move far away

takes a toll on a mom.

Being asked to give two of them back to the One who created them

takes a toll too.

Motherhood is risky.

Every child a fragile gift.

You hold them close if you’re given the chance.

You trust them to Heaven if you’re not.

And deep inside you know your grip can never be too tight.

Whether they’re here or there.

Because motherhood is also about being brave.

Loving with no guarantees.

And then creating a home where the very ones who make it feel so cozy

eventually spread their wings

and fly away.

To create their own nests,

discover their own decorating styles,

form their own opinions,

 make new friends,

and start new chapters where you’re not the main character anymore.


A unique kind-of calling where you’re asked to teach tiny, little humans how to be self-sufficient

even as you dread the day they truly are.

“Home is where the heart is,”

and my kids are all finding beautiful ways to make their hearts cozy in brand new locations.

And so am I.

Sometimes it’s easy for me to feel as if my role in their lives has somehow ended.

Then the phone rings.

Or I see a penny.

And I’m reminded all over again

 that if home truly is “where the heart is,”

these changes just mean I have a lot of homes.

So I keep burning candles.

And creating new memories.

And doing all the things someone should do who believes Jesus’ words to Peter in John 14

after he heard Jesus would be going away and he was not allowed to follow.

Jesus lovingly said,

“Don’t let this rattle you.

You trust God, don’t you?

Trust me.

There is plenty of room for you in my Father’s home.

If that weren’t so, would I have told you that I’m on my way to get a room ready for you?

And if I’m on my way to get your room ready,

I’ll come back and get you so you can live where I live.

And you already know the road I’m taking.”

(The Message, John 14:1-4)

And as these Words restore my soul,

I’m reminded of a wonderful truth.

Motherhood never ends.

Because I’m forever called to point my kids toward Heaven

or grieve with Hope if they traveled there ahead of me.



It’s risky.

It takes courage.

It sometimes hurts.

But most of all,

it’s an honor I will never take lightly.


For those with aching arms,

God aches with you.

For those with grieving hearts,

God grieves with you.

For those feeling the sting of the empty nest.

God hurts with you.

And for those of you whose houses are filled with busy feet of all sizes,

God cherishes every minute with you.

That’s the thing about motherhood –

on the wonderful days

and on the days when you struggle to catch your breath

or take your next step,

you are never, ever alone.

Home is where the heart is and He is always Home.

Photo by Jessalyn Nischan
(This post written while listening to David Nevue’s Winter Walk.)