Tammy Nischan

In December of 2007 as our youngest son, Nick, was fighting brain cancer, I began to blog. Writing provided a way for me to release all of my questions, fears, and doubts. It also allowed me to share the ups and downs of Nick's journey with people who were praying for him all over the world. When Nick went Home in November of 2008, my blog became my way of searching for God in the midst of my deep heartache. My heart was broken and grief brought to the surface every emotion imaginable. Being able to release those emotions through my writing brought a sense of purpose to my pain. Having already walked the road of grief in 1992 when we lost our daughter to SIDS, I knew I needed a way to keep from falling into a pit of depression and despair. I had walked close to the edge of a bottomless pit when we lost our daughter,and I knew I couldn't let myself get that close to the edge again. This blog has been and continues to be my tiny corner of the world where I can share My Heart as I journey through God's Word.......thus the name........ My Heart His Words. Thank you for taking time to share life with me. If we do not meet while here on earth, I look forward to hearing all about your life when we reach our final destiny.........Heaven! Email me anytime at tammynischan@yahoo.com and I will reply as soon as I can!

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What It Takes To Choose Marriage

Marriage is a crazy thing. Two imperfect people attempting to create a perfect life in an imperfect world. Two real human beings longing for a fictional happily-ever-after. And maybe that’s where the hang-up begins. Happily-ever-after is often mixed with more than one less-than-happy day. And on this planet, there’s no perfect life. There’s simply flawed... Read more

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When Grief Rings Your Doorbell…….Always Open The Door

When I climbed into our attic the day after Thanksgiving, I had no idea what was going on just outside our front door. As I tossed down one childhood memory after another – Pokémon cards Stuffed animals Random toys I didn’t realize a new memory was forming on our street. Our attic overflows with memories... Read more


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When Heaven Visits Your Driveway

I hear the men working right outside my window as I type. Faint voices floating softly just above the sound of old asphalt being busted apart then scooped into a big truck. ________________________ Bits and pieces of our family story are imprinted on the piles of rubble right outside our door. And in just a... Read more

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Giving Thanks for The Place of Great Unknowing

I read this phrase in a book recently – The Place of Great Unknowing Have you been here? Or been forced to visit by things far from your control? There’s very little in this place of great unknowing that feels familiar. Like the edge of the ocean, the sands of certainty slip away with each... Read more

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“But I Liked the Chapter We Were In”

It’s been so long since I’ve been here. I’m not sure if I’ve stayed away for fear of what my fingers might type, or for fear of what they may try to avoid..….. The truth is…… Words matter to me. And once I start writing, I release things that are often easier to hold close... Read more

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My House of Mixed-Up Seasons…………..

They weren’t hiding……. but they weren’t supposed to be on display either. Hints of Christmas…… Reminders of winter. They somehow missed the packing up of seasons long past. And my friends discovered them this weekend. How had I missed them? ————————————- Maybe I hadn’t really. Maybe I like seeing Joseph by my television and a... Read more

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I’d Rather Travel Alone

Paths – they’re always leading me. And their dusty trails, covered in leaves, may try but just can’t hide the truth, someone’s been this way before. So I walk, unsure of where I’m headed, but convinced I’m going in the right direction. On a good day, I have a plan. Point A to Point B.... Read more

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When Hope Holds Up Your Branches

I won’t deny it. There’s beauty in every winter snow…… even when it falls in spring. The calendar can’t control its arrival any more than we can. And with world-hushing power, it has a way of uniting all creation under its blanket. Snowflakes slowly pile high, creating magical scenes, but at the very same time,... Read more



Learning How To Let Go And Still Be Mom

Diapers. Long nights with little sleep. Never-ending laundry. It’s hard to even remember all the things that used to be part of my motherhood story. _____________________ Like the voices of my children floating through the house, the memories of things that once completely wore me out are slowly fading away. ______________ I’m not sure if... Read more



Because, Like Actions, Words Speak Too

‘ I’ll never forget the day I met Davi, one of Luke’s closest college friends. His smile was the first thing I noticed. His Brazilian accent was a close second. His sweet way of calling my daughter “First Lady” made me smile so big. I loved everything about this young man, and he showed up... Read more