Tammy Nischan

In December of 2007 as our youngest son, Nick, was fighting brain cancer, I began to blog. Writing provided a way for me to release all of my questions, fears, and doubts. It also allowed me to share the ups and downs of Nick's journey with people who were praying for him all over the world. When Nick went Home in November of 2008, my blog became my way of searching for God in the midst of my deep heartache. My heart was broken and grief brought to the surface every emotion imaginable. Being able to release those emotions through my writing brought a sense of purpose to my pain. Having already walked the road of grief in 1992 when we lost our daughter to SIDS, I knew I needed a way to keep from falling into a pit of depression and despair. I had walked close to the edge of a bottomless pit when we lost our daughter,and I knew I couldn't let myself get that close to the edge again. This blog has been and continues to be my tiny corner of the world where I can share My Heart as I journey through God's Word.......thus the name........ My Heart His Words. Thank you for taking time to share life with me. If we do not meet while here on earth, I look forward to hearing all about your life when we reach our final destiny.........Heaven! Email me anytime at tammynischan@yahoo.com and I will reply as soon as I can!


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When Monday Feels Daunting But God Says, “Lean In”

It’s Monday morning and the big picture for this week is overwhelming. Between busy days at work and evenings filled with to-do lists that could easily get the best of me, it’s easy to feel tired before I even start getting ready for the day. But this picture…….. It caught my eye this morning and... Read more

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What We May Be Forgetting about Football, Flags, and Freedom

Nick loved the American flag. I wish I had time this morning to dig through old photos, because I know I have memories showing his deep love for the red, white, and blue. ————————————– Nick loved football too. Even when he could no longer walk, we made our annual trip to Walmart for the newest version... Read more

fog road

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My Foggy Faith

It gets the best of me so often. The unknown. The unseen. The signs up ahead I can’t quite see. Foggy mornings scare me. So does walking by faith. Take me out of the driver’s seat and everything gets worse. There’s something about gripping the wheel that at least gives me the false allusion that I have a little... Read more

nick jumping


Two Pennies, A Cross, and An Unexpected Memory

I knew I had a choice. Dive all the way in or run far, far away. There was no half-way about the decision in front of me. And sometimes a “T” in the road feels so scary…………… because either way has a cost. But this particular moment of decision didn’t feel quite like my own.... Read more



The Meal I Need Weekly

I remember family vacations that included Sundays. No matter where we were, from a campground to a parking lot, dad would pull out a bottle of grape juice and a box of crackers. And right there in the middle of who-knows-what-kind-of-moods we were in at the time, we would stop everything long enough to eat one... Read more

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Finding Love on a Rocky Road

Stepping into an elevator full of people I’d never met, I wondered how I’d ended up here. A new job. A new training. A new world full of rules and expectations. I smiled at the faces standing all around me and wondered, “Are they thinking these very same thoughts?” As the day passed by, I... Read more

quiet angel


Breaking the Silence in a Way-Too-Loud World

Day after day, for the past couple months, my fingers have rested on this keyboard………………..motionless. Thoughts bouncing wildly around in my mind and  emotions running deeply through my heart, yet fingers refusing to budge. Sometimes finding a way to connect thoughts and feelings into coherent sentences feels like trying to tie a knot in a tiny strand of... Read more

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When A Shed Becomes Holy and A Mess Becomes His

As the worship service progressed, I could feel it. A gnawing sense of “trying” to draw close to God…………..and failing. Have you ever felt the wall? My heart longed to know I was in His presence. My soul yearned for some type of “feeling” that He was right there. But my mind continued to wander... Read more



God Knows Just What You Need

 Last August, our daughter left for college leaving the last of our kid’s bedrooms empty. It felt so strange to walk from room to room and see perfectly made beds……. every single day. Tim and I were determined to embrace this new chapter of life together, but I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t say my heart... Read more



When Darkness Hides The Sunrise and Facing Dawn is Hard To Do

I remember sitting on the beach and watching my last sunrise with Nick. Much like this morning in Kentucky, the dark clouds attempted to hide what I knew was tucked right behind them. I knew they could try to mask the beauty of that morning, but they really had no power. The sun was still rising.... Read more