Tammy Nischan

In December of 2007 as our youngest son, Nick, was fighting brain cancer, I began to blog. Writing provided a way for me to release all of my questions, fears, and doubts. It also allowed me to share the ups and downs of Nick's journey with people who were praying for him all over the world. When Nick went Home in November of 2008, my blog became my way of searching for God in the midst of my deep heartache. My heart was broken and grief brought to the surface every emotion imaginable. Being able to release those emotions through my writing brought a sense of purpose to my pain. Having already walked the road of grief in 1992 when we lost our daughter to SIDS, I knew I needed a way to keep from falling into a pit of depression and despair. I had walked close to the edge of a bottomless pit when we lost our daughter,and I knew I couldn't let myself get that close to the edge again. This blog has been and continues to be my tiny corner of the world where I can share My Heart as I journey through God's Word.......thus the name........ My Heart His Words. Thank you for taking time to share life with me. If we do not meet while here on earth, I look forward to hearing all about your life when we reach our final destiny.........Heaven! Email me anytime at tammynischan@yahoo.com and I will reply as soon as I can!

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When Our Heart Is Set On Him

Yesterday David killed Goliath and led the Israelites in the defeat of the Philistines. Today he’s hiding in a cave, trying to outrun Saul, who would love nothing more than to see him dead. Along the way, David attracts a following of outcasts – men who the Bible says were “desperate, in debt, or discontent.”... Read more



When Your Hands Feel Empty

When David ran to the battle line holding only a sling and a small bag of stones, he wasn’t any less equipped than the Israelites standing behind him. I Samuel 13:19-22 says, Now there was no blacksmith to be found throughout all the land of Israel, for the Philistines said, “Lest the Hebrews make themselves... Read more

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Move That Suitcase

“Behold, he has hidden himself among the baggage .”  I Samuel 10:22 I wonder what the Israelites thought as Samuel presented their long-awaited king and then discovered he was hiding. Saul had already been anointed king in a private ceremony. He knew what was coming as Samuel slowly narrowed down the tribes in order to... Read more

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Because The Nest Has Been His All Along

Hannah loved God. But her nest was empty. And her heart ached. Year after year she prayed, and year after year she found herself childless….. once again. One year, when she had reached a point of desperation, she prayed to God with a vow,   “Lord of Armies, if you will take notice of your... Read more

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Is It Enough To Do What I Think Is Right?

What is God saying this morning as I turn the pages of Judges? From Jephthah’s vow that leads to the death of his daughter to the entire life of Samson, filled with the impulsive use of his strength, to Micah and his house full of gods and his very own Levite priest, these chapters are... Read more



Hope Threshes Wheat in a Winepress

Life isn’t fair. I see it every day. Some children are born into plenty. Some children are not. Some children are born into love. Some children are not. It’s challenging to look into the eyes of a child suffering the consequences of actions far from his or her control and offer some sense of hope.... Read more

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The Stones Know. Shouldn’t We?

Over and over again, Joshua uses his last days on the earth to remind the Israelites of their covenant with God, recapping their legacy all the way back to Abraham. “Choose today who you will worship,” Joshua declares. And over and over again, the Israelites reply, “We will worship the Lord.” So Joshua takes a... Read more

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Maybe It’s Your Day to Ride in on a Donkey

Crossing the Jordan may have been a miraculous reminder of God’s parting of the Red Sea,  but the Promised Land wouldn’t come without a fight. I’m not sure if this is comforting or scary. God, the Giver of good gifts and Keeper of His Word, never specialized in handouts. So the Israelites, tired and weary,... Read more

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Because Sometimes We Need to Leave Joshua in the Wilderness

I’ve never participated in a marathon or driven a car in an all-day race, so I don’t know what it feels like to reach a place of exhaustion that requires a break just long enough to sip a cup of cold water or have my tires changed. But I do have a job that in... Read more



The Promise of the Scarlet Cord

Yesterday we said goodbye to Moses. Left him on Mt. Nebo, overlooking the Promised Land as he took his final breath. We turned the page on the early history of the Israelites, completing our reading of the first five books of the Old Testament. Forty years in the wilderness slipped by for us in just... Read more