As I did my Jericho Walk tonight which has been condensed to my living room and kitchen, I thanked God for my friends who are here to help me right now. I also thanked him for my blogging friends.

Both sets of friends mean so much to me.

See, my local friends are my Jesus with skin on. They are right here to cook, clean, babysit, talk, whatever I need at the moment. I couldn’t make it without them. Thank you for everything!

Then there are my bloggy friends! They visit me – often without me even knowing. They sometimes leave words of encouragement but not always. They email me. They pray for me and most of all they share my needs with their friends taking my needs to an even larger crowd! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

So, tonight, as my eyes are very heavy but my heart is overflowing with thanksgiving, I have to take a moment and tell God thank you for the gift of “friendship!” Friendship in all of its forms. I know that my local friends are a phone call away and my bloggy friends are in email away! WOW! Isn’t God amazing to give us both!

I look forward to Heaven when we can all be together to hug and laugh and remember the tough things we prayed each other through. Please let me know how I can be a friend and a prayer warrior for you!

4 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Tammy,

    I am so happy – and blessed – to be one of your “bloggy” friends. I pray you are daily encouraged and uplifted by all of your friends – in person and by blog! The Jericho walk has been such a wonderful experience for me – I will have to share it with you sometime. I’m on my way now to walk for the day….please feel lifted up in prayer this morning.

    I pray it is a wonderful weekend for your family. I love you, my sweet “bloggy” friend….


  2. Tammy-

    I too am so glad for all of my “imaginary friends”, as my kids call all of you. I would not be making it through this time without the bloggy world. Amazing how God can use anything to further His purpose. Still praying for you. No Jericho walk for me obviously but still able to pray.

    Love to you-

  3. Tammy,

    Have you ever heard that saying about in marriage both people have to give 100%, but not always at the same time. Sometimes our husbands are low and they need 90% from us and can only give 10%, but because we love them we are happy and humbled to be in a position where we can provide comfort and blessings to them in their time of need. Friendship, true Christian friendship is also that way. Designed by God exactly for what we need. To be loved, prayed for, lifted up, consoled and rejoiced.

    Sometimes it can be had to accept without feeling the need to return it, but right now please just let us smother you in hugs and kisses, love and prayer.

    Let us be blessed by caring for you in the “bloggy” world and the physical world. You have already given us the greatest blessing you could give and that is to know about your son and his amazing strength, character and faith;to see your faith and love as a mother and to get to know your family. You have already given so much without even knowing it.

    Let us just love on you like crazy!!!

  4. Love you SO much Tammy!

    This has been a very empowering march/walk and I KNOW Heaven has been moved! What an awesome deal!

    We are all here with you Tammy, loving and praying for you on a daily basis!