I’m Still Writing About Wednesday Night’s Experience……..

After school yesterday, I had to help with Olivia’s soccer team for a bit after school and then drive to Russell for two games.

By the time I got home and did a little housework, I knew I wouldn’t have time to process the whole story in one evening.

I started writing, but my eyes were just too heavy.

So this morning, I have written some more but realize that trying to rush through the events of that evening will not do the story justice.

When God works in such a mighty way, I don’t want to leave out any details.

So, for today know this:

I love you all so very much, and I am praying for you.

Lift Charlotte and Martha up today.  They are both walking such tough roads these days.

Our winter has turned to spring without a lot of commotion.

There’s has been a blur of uncertainty, fatigue, and constant changes.

I am a teacher-sponsor tonight at our high school prom, so I will be finishing my story very late this evening!

Until then,

3 thoughts on “I’m Still Writing About Wednesday Night’s Experience……..

  1. Charlotte is in remission. No Leukemia as of the doctor visit this afternoon. How great Thou art! That child has been prayed by so many people. Needless to say then entire family is on a high as of this afternoon. God bless and thanks for prayer. Continue to keep her in your heart filled with prayer. Anxious to hear your story. Hugs, Sandy