Nick Nook Delivery Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

nick nooks 014

nick nooks 015

Words can’t even begin to express the joy we felt in our hearts as we delivered eight Nick Nooks to area hospitals and doctor’s offices and then watched kids begin to enjoy them!

Nick loved to read!

Nick loved to have things to do while waiting to see his many different doctors.

I just know that he is smiling about this ministry to other little kids who are “waiting.”


Thank you to everyone who has helped make these nooks a reality!!nick nooks 021 nick nooks 040  nick nooks 044nick nooks 038 nick nooks 045 nick nooks 043 nick nooks 041 nick nooks 035 nick nooks 019 nick nooks 025 nick nooks 033 nick nooks 032 nick nooks 029 nick nooks 027

4 thoughts on “Nick Nook Delivery Day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Dear Friend,

    What an awesome idea! I am sure your Nick was all smiles! Isn’t it amazing how our kids continue to touch lives!!!

    And…you delivered them on our Angel Mal’s Birthday!

    Take care of yourself, hang on to your pants with the holidays coming. Sometimes us “Moms” forget to take care of ourselves in trying to care for everyone else! Remember, like you said, “Don’t let Satan steal the joy from your holidays!

    love you much,

  2. Oh, I loved seeing these Nick nooks!!

    I love how you continue to give and share all the many things that made Nick so special!!

    Thanks Tammy♥