When God says, "Stop."

Well, I guess that’s what He was saying.

As I find myself in my bed tonight recovering from an emergency appendectomy on Monday, I have decided that God wanted me to STOP. Stop cleaning, stop doing laundry, stop mowing, stop driving, and the list goes on and on…..

Sunday afternoon I began experiencing severe stomach pain which led to excruciating pain by 4 in the morning. At one point I was on the floor in the bathroom trying not to get sick and hearing the loudest ringing and rushing wind sound in my head. My whole body became very hot and prickly, and I thought, “This is how I am going to die.” I really thought my appendix had ruptured at this point and poison was spreading through my body. I was able to hold onto doors and furniture and fight the loud sounds in my head long enough to make it back out to the living room where I went down on the couch and was finally able to say my husband’s name loud enough for him to hear me. He came out and immediately knew something was very wrong. He wanted to call an ambulance, but I wouldn’t let him. He called my friend, Brenda, and she drove me to the emergency room. From there, I was taken to surgery and am now back home!

Thank the Lord for wonderful nurses and an amazing surgeon!

I will share our latest news on Nick soon-I had to miss his appointment in Cincinnati today because I was in the hospital. Oh, I cried so much Sunday night and Monday morning, fighting the reality that I was going to be laid up.

I don’t know why this has happened right now, but I do know that God wants me to once again find the bright side.

For now, the bright side is that I am home and I have permission to just cuddle with my kids.

I love you all and I will share Nick’s next phase in this journey a little later. We are getting ready to watch a movie.

Thanks for praying and loving us through this time of testing.

12 thoughts on “When God says, "Stop."

  1. Oh Tammy!!!!

    I’m so sorry to read this happened, but so blessed you are OK, and home resting now.

    Please take good care of your self.

    I’m doing my walk each day, crying out for Nick and Natalie.

    Blessings my friend♥

  2. Take this time to REST in the Lord and the power of His might. He knows your heart and hears the cries of your heart. Know that we are standing with you.

    …more thoughts later! =)

    Love & blessings to you,

  3. Oh Tammy…when it rains it pours but YOU need to rest and that’s OK ‘cuz I started my Jericho march for Nick and Natalie and I’ll just add the whole crew over there!Just rest and pray! Give yourself time to recuperate! Blessings…and take good care of YOU so you can take care of them…know that you are all in my prayers! Jericho!!! BE STRONG & courageous!!!

  4. Sweet Tammy,
    I am so sorry to hear about this. I will pray that God speaks worlds to you through this time. You are such a blessing with such a positive attitude.

  5. You know with this Jericho March…they say to be sure to pray for yourself and family because satan will try everything to keep you down during this time.

    So blame it on the devil and tell him to leave you alone! 🙂

  6. Dear sweet Tammy,

    God is obviously doing great things at your house…and Satan is fighting hard! Please be easy on yourself…rest peacefully and know you are covered in prayer.

    The Jericho walk is such a blessing! Hugs to Nick, too.

    Love ya,


  7. Honey, God will use this too. I believe He uses all situations to speak to you. Maybe He knows you need to rest and gain your strength so you can be at your best. You can only run, fight, do, so much before your body needs a physical recooperation.

    Rest sweet one. Let your mind, heart, worries go and rest, rest in Jesus physically and emotionally.

    Much love friend,

  8. Tammy,

    I have gotten to know you a little through some postings from Jeff Aldridge. I feel you pain over what Nick is going through. I too was a parent of a cancer patient named Hunter Stephenson which passed away a year ago on Mother’s Day.

    Just remember through God all things are possible. Just know that I will be praying for Nick and your family and I believe that God is still performing miracles.

    Hang tough and if you ever need someone to just sound off to give me a call, I am here.

    Monica Stehenson (740) 743-0005

  9. Hello dear sweet Front Porch sister!! God is working, never fear or fret. If you have a moment when you are restin, I just posted a new blog on my site and it deals with FROG behaviors..well if you haven’t hear FROG stands for FULLY RELYING ON GOD!! As women this is soooo hard as we are such nurturers and care takers, but right NOW it is vital for you to TAKE CARE OF YOU!! Nick is in good hands!! You are SO LOVED and SO COVERED in prayer!! Sister Sharon from the West

  10. Oh my goodness Tammy!!

    I miss a couple days and look at all that happened. I am so sorry to hear what you’ve gone through the past few days. But I believe you’re right about God wanting you to rest. As hard as it is, take the opportunity.

    Take care of you! Still praying for all of you.