I received an email and then a phone call from a company called Grace Media, a PR firm in Los Angeles that works with faith-based movie studios on reaching out to the faith-based community.  They asked me if I would consider a phone interview with author Mitch Albom regarding his book Have a Little Faith, which has been made into a movie.  The movie will be airing on the Sunday evening after Thanksgiving on ABC and is the true story of Mitch’s invitation to write the eulogy for an 82-year old rabbi from his old hometown and the relationship they develop over the next eight years as they share life together.Mitch Albom- Have a Little Faith

I visited Mitch’s website and knew that he was an author I would be honored to support.  I already use one of his books in my classroom in literature circles (The Five People You Will Meet in Heaven), and my students love his writing.mitch heaven

So, next week they are scheduling my interview and this is what I would like to know from all of you…………….


What questions would you ask Mitch?

What would you like to know about his, his life, his work, his view of faith?

Click on “Mitch’s website” in the second paragraph above and visit his website then email me or post a comment here with your question.

I consider this interview “our” interview not mine, because Grace Media found me through my blog, and you are the reason my blog exists.

Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to post on yesterday’s blog for a chance to win Prayers for Today by Kurt Bjorklund. 



Mitch Albom, Author


Always in my prayers,