It’s one of those weeks where the minutes are scheduled from morning til night, and I find myself sitting here during my short little “breakfast break” at school surrounded by papers, glue sticks, scissors, and an assortment of other teacher-like supplies thinking of all of you………..

My Precious Blogging Family.

I think of all the things I have to tell you and how I wish I had time right now to open up and pour out everything.

But I realize that time is fleeting, so I hold back for now.

Until tonight.

Because right this minute I only have time to say “I love you.”

Students will return in five minutes, and I need to be ready to dive back into our lesson on “Author’s Purpose.”

Every time I say those words, I think of Jesus the Author of our Faith.

That’s all that matters right now.

Not the stories I want to share about puppies and football………….I’ll share those later.

For now, I’ll just say this.

Every author has a purpose.

They write to persuade, entertain, or inform.

God had a purpose when He created you.

Jesus had a purpose when He died for you.

Praying you will feel your purpose in today!

I love you all so much,