This past Sunday morning during church, a sweet little boy in front of me started to cry as the communion tray passed him and his mom wouldn’t let him have a cracker.  As I heard him crying, I thought to myself, “God longs to hear all of us crying for communion…..crying to spend time with Him……crying to be His and only His.”

I know his tears weren’t necessarily because of a deep desire to commune with God.  They were tears for a cracker. But realizing this, made me think about the things that usually make us cry and whine.  Aren’t our longings normally for silly things like crackers?  I know mine are.

I’m hoping that the next time I find myself longing for something, I’ll remember the cries of this little boy and hear God whisper, “Long for communion with me..not “stuff.” 

Help me Lord to cry out for communion with You,