I’ve been running a lot of different kinds of errands the past few days..

When I finally made it home for a little bit of “in between time” to work on some writing projects, I went to pick up my computer and this is what I saw.

maddie party and other things 108maddie party and other things 109

Honestly, I’ve seen this for weeks now and have simply turned on the computer, gotten busy with my work, and forgotten about what was truly on the outside of my screen! 

Today, though, I thought. “Enough already.”

So, I grabbed some cleaner and took care of the smudgy mess.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of our messes were this easy to take care of?  And wouldn’t it be great if in the end the only fingerprints left on our life would be those of the Creator.

I’m a smudged-up, imperfect, needing – to- be -cleaned-up mess most of the time, and lately I feel that I’ve been surrounded by a smudged-up, imperfect, needing-to-be-cleaned-up series of dramatic situations.


I am so thankful for the Master of all Windex, the Supreme “Quicker-Picker-Upper!”

Today, is one of those days, where I long to just lift both hands and say, “ENOUGH ALREADY!”  And truthfully, isn’t that the place God longs for us to be!

He says, “I AM SUFFICIENT!”  Basically, He is saying, “I am enough.”

Forget the work and errands and life surrounding you long enough to know Enough!

God is Enough!

So, today, I say…..”Enough…already!”

He is already there!!!  He is Enough!!! 

Enough is already here and He is already where you are!

Thank you, Lord, for being “Enough…Already!”

May Your fingerprints be all the world sees on us,