I rise before dawn and cry for help;

I have put my hope in your word.

Psalm 119:147


In the hustle and the bustle of this world,

In the midst of wars man cannot stop and illnesses man cannot cure,

With broken hearts and empty arms,

And demands that push us up against unyielding walls,

Rising up and facing it all can often be the biggest challenge.

The opening of our eyes to another day of who-knows-what.

The walking of our feet towards the unknown and often scary.

And yet,

even on the most difficult day,

even when where we go is the last place we want to be or the place that causes us to tremble,

He is there.

He’s in the bad news.

He’s in the hospital room.

He’s in the cemetery.

He’s in the board room.

He’s in the office.

He’s in the classroom.

He’s in the empty house.

He’s in the hectic schedule.

He’s in the unanswered questions.

He is there.

And rising up and crying out is enough to remind you that you don’t face today alone.

Rise up.

Cry out.

Put your hope in Him,

the Living Word.

He is there.