If your life is anything like mine, your mind is filled with many thoughts, concerns, decision, and struggles.

From family life to work pressures, there’s just no easy way to navigate the waters of life.


Falling into a pit of worry, depression, or negativity isn’t difficult in a life overflowing with tough situations.

Believe me, I know.


Do you want to handle the downs of life better than you have in the past?

I sure do.


Do you want to see an often-gray world transform into one of color and beauty?


Do you want to quit going through the motions just to “make it through another day?”


Do you want your answer to the question, “How are you today?”

to be filled with more than the words,

“I’m here.”


I think there’s only one way we are going to reach a higher view of life and have positive answers to all the questions I just listed.


We are going to have to approach EVERYTHING-

the tough, the hard, the ugly, the complicated, the humanly-impossible, the heartbreaking, the nightmarish, and the most painful parts of life with one phrase,


“Thank you.”


Somehow, we are going to have to dig deep and find the strength to see every little aspect of life from God’s eyes and trust that He is working through, around, in spite of, with, and in



That’s not always easy.

In fact, many times that seems like an impossible task.


But, try it.


Try saying “thank you” today for the very things you normally would complain about, dislike, avoid, dread, fear, and change about your life.


Just say, “thank you.”



Then see what happens.



Give thanks in all circumstances;

for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

I Thess. 5:18