Katelyn, my dear friend’s daughter, stopped by with her new hubby Josh to say “goodbye” before they left for Canada!  Yes, Canada!  Kate met Josh on eHarmony and it has been love, love, love ever since!   The hug goodbye was so much more emotional than I expected….I still see Katelyn as a little girl, swinging and running through the yard….imagining her over a thousand miles away seems unreal to me.  Hopefully, we will see them at Christmastime! october memories 003

I came home Saturday afternoon to find Olivia preparing for an attack on the spiders on our front porch….she is so funny!  I had to snap this picture before she got away!october memories 010

Olivia and her friend Addey helped Tim stain our pool deck Sunday afternoon…how do you like Olivia’s paint brush as they finished???? october memories 014

Tonight, as I sat working on some vocabulary centers for tomorrow at school, I couldn’t help but smile when I looked at Olivia on the couch with Domino and Dash…all three sleeping soundly.

october memories 027

I’m thankful for times like these……….I want to soak them up,

because one day Olivia will be all grown up like the boys and like Katelyn, and these are the moments I will miss the most…..

I miss all my boys so much.october memories 022

I just had to get this recorded for my sake,