I sat with an ink pen this morning and a piece of decorative paper,

attempting to write a note to one of my friend’s co-worker who recently lost his daughter.


I found myself fully aware that there are no right words worth sharing in a time of such deep sorrow.

Absolutely nothing that came into my head that seemed fitting.


The truth is there are no words in the human language that can soften the sharp pain of a tragic loss.


What do we do when we find ourselves wordless?


We make a choice.


We either fill the air with empty words and risk saying the wrong thing


admit that we are wordless and let God speak.


This morning, I am thankful that God knew from the very beginning that we would often find ourselves wordless,

so He chose to begin creation with the one Word that could fill all of our wordlessness with meaning.


In the beginning was the Word,

and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

John 1:1

Jesus is the only Word that stands the test of time.

He is in the midst of all of our joy and all of our pain.

He walked a road of pain and suffering so we would know we are not alone in ours.

He conquered death so that we could somehow face our grief.

He promises eternal life so we can face temporary separation from those we love.

When someone is grieving, they do not need a lot of words.

They really just need one.


If you find yourself at a loss of words today as you face your own pain or the pain of someone you love,

look to Him who is enough.

El Shaddai – The God That Is More Than Enough

He who keeps His Word and who has the final word is the only Word we need today.

Turn to Him, the Living Word, today.


Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus is one of the songs we shared at Adrienne’s funeral.

Dad helped us chose this song because of its powerful message, and I am forever thankful.


This is where I turn when I am struggling to face the pain of this life.


The Only Word with the power to change everything.

The Only Word worth sharing.