It’s just another Tuesday in August.


The last Tuesday in August of 2013.


We’ll soon be clicking away at September, then October, and on and on.


If we’re not careful, we can slip into a routine that has us so forward-thinking that we miss the very moments around us today.


And today matters.


Today matters because there are people we will encounter who may need to hear the very words that slip from our lips in order to keep pressing on.


Today matters because yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised.


Today matters because we woke up breathing and there are still things for us to do here on this planet.


Today matters because someone needs to know you love them and today is all you hold with any kind of certainty, and actually all of today isn’t actually guaranteed.


If you want to really break down life, this minute matters.


This very minute that you are reading this is the only minute that really counts with any depth of “for sureness” because this minute is happening now.


So today as one minute turns into the next minute,

make each one count.


Use them wisely.

Don’t waste any of them  feeling frustrated, angry, bored, confused, or depressed.


I’ve lost so many minutes of my life with those very emotions.


The devil loves and wins when we slip into patterns of self-absorbed living.

The Bible clearly tells us that he is here for three reasons only,


“To kill, steal, and destroy.”


Today, don’t let him kill your dreams, steal your joy, or destroy your faith.


He’ll do whatever it takes.


Realizing that today matters may be your very first step toward defeating him,

because all it takes for him to win today is for him to convince you that it’s just another Tuesday in August.

The last Tuesday in August.


When actually today is the first day of the rest of your life.

That might be an old saying, but it’s just as true today as it was the first time it was spoken.


I hope your day is filled with significant moments of joy, love, and happiness.

Because today really does matter.


Thankful for an unexpected video this morning that inspired this post.

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