As I sat here this morning having my quiet time, I decided to venture into the book of Colossians for a few weeks. Reading A New Earth (Oprah’s hot item) has really made me realize how easily humans can buy into philosophies and teachings that do not match up with Scripture. I was attracted to Colossians because when it was written there were many people who were beginning to believe very strange things (worshipping angels, etc.) in the town of Colosse and it was affecting the church. I wanted to see how Paul handled it, because I believe as Christians we need to know how to handle the strange beliefs that are coming at us from every direction in the world today.

The first thing that I noticed in Colossians was that the church was known for their faith and love. Of all the things I want to be known for, those two things seem the most important to me….faith and love.

I simply wrote in my journal, “That’s how I want to be known.”

Then I had to ask myself “How do I show love to others?” That’s sometimes a tough question to answer. With all of the needs within my family, I often don’t make time to really be “out there” showing love. I want to really grow in that area. The truth is, though, right now my family needs my love more than anyone else. So, for today, I am declaring that my love for my family be evident and active…….

My typical Tuesday is going to be foremost full of love……..with love comes kindness, gentleness, patience, and the list goes on and on. I Corinthians 13 is a great chapter to read if you’re wondering how to show love.

I hope you have a day where you are known, especially to your family, by your love!

Love, tammy