During Olivia’s latest basketball tournament, my husband took one of her  friends’ little brother across the road from the high school we were at so that he could visit the fire station.

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He had such a fun time feeling like a “real fireman!!” 

I just love how kids can “transform” into whatever costume they are wearing and totally take on that costume’s role!

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Yes, Ian was a real fireman for a brief period of time! 

A really good one at that!lots of stuff 125

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I can’t help but think of how Jesus says that in order to enter Heaven we have to “become like little children,” and then later in the New Testament we are told that part of the armor of God is “the helmet of salvation.”

Do I really wear this helmet with confidence?

Do I wear it with a smile like Ian’s?

Lately, I don’t think I have.

To be honest, I’ve been a little down. 

I try so hard to stay upbeat and positive……..and truthfully, if I remember what my helmet looks like (ETERNITY WITH MY SAVIOR!), then I should “rejoice always!”

I think life sometimes has a way of trying to knock off our helmet, causing us to doubt and become discouraged.

My prayer for tonight and tomorrow is that I will remember what kind of helmet I am wearing and as I remember I will