Sitting in the jail cell last night, listening to the inmates talk about their upcoming court dates and the sentences they are expecting, I felt their fear. 

Although not bound by visible shackles, they are bound by cinderblock walls and doors with electric locks.

They are bound by past mistakes, present consequences, and future long-term sentencing.

Life without faith is so much like imprisonment.

We are trapped in our doubt, our pain, our questions.

Bound to only what we can see around us.

Short-sighted living.

No hope.

I couldn’t make it through today without hope.

Hope of Heaven.

Hope of eternity with Him.

Hope of eternity with so many I love and miss.

Hope keeps me going.

I know that I wouldn’t have this hope without faith in a Father who isn’t shocked by my questions, my struggles, my mistakes.

I love that no matter what today or tomorrow or the next day holds, God is already there in the midst of each of them working in ways only He can work.

He’s working in your life today, too.

He’s not wringing His hands in worry or regret as He watches the nightly news, wondering why He created this world in the first place.

No, He has a big plan, a big purpose………

and in spite of all the bad news and bad people, He can bring good.

There’s something about reaching a point in your walk with God where you can honestly say, “I don’t understand Your plan, Lord, but I’m done trying to figure it out.”

Reaching this place in our faith walk frees us.

Frees us to trust that we have a Father who is sitting on His throne, relaxed and in control.

Today as you step your way through Saturday, June 2nd, 2012, remember that even when you are not aware of it, the Lord is directing your every step if you allow Him to walk with you.

So, take a deep breath and lean back into His arms.

“He’s got this!”

Proverbs 20:24

The Lord directs our steps,

so why try to understand everything

along the way?