2014 08 19_soccer_0081In the craziness of this life,

running here and running there,

it’s easy to think we are “just another ant” in the colony.

In the sad times,

when putting one foot in front of another is hard work,

it’s easy to forget that someone sees every tiny step…….and cares.

In the happy times,

when our problems seem to fade away temporarily and laughter comes more easily,

it’s easy to forget¬†that this world is still filled with hurting people.

But when we take time to pray in the crazy times, the sad times, and the happy times…….

When we climb up and out of any kind of season of life just enough to remove ourselves from the crowd, just enough to show we remember there’s more to life than us,

something happens.

It happens not so much to the world around us or beside or below us,

but it happens inside of us.

We begin to feel connected to Something bigger than this world.

We begin to sense that no matter how busy or how painful or how joyous this life can be…..


And we begin to feel inspired and motivated to climb higher and reach further and pray more because it’s these conversations we need to make it through another day, another minute, another hour.

Pray matters more because of what it does TO us than what it does THROUGH us.

Prayer works from the inside out and without it we lower ourselves to the world of ants, scurrying about

buying gifts,

comparing toys,

racing to finish tasks,


tearing down,

and building again.

Prayer pulls us out of the chaos.

It removes the noise.

It separates us from the silliness.

It aims us in the right direction.

It allows us to see the world from His perspective; and when we do, we can face today and tomorrow and the next day.

Prayer matters because it’s an invitation from God to be in His presence whenever, wherever, for however long we desire.

There’s no boundaries.

There’s no rules.

No expectations.

Climb out of your crazy world today and take time to pray.

From one “ant” to another, it will change everything about you.

I promise.

Psalms 34:15 (NASB)

The eyes of the Lord are toward the righteous

And His ears are open to their cry.